Frugal Way to Cheap Fun 2018-6

This page is dedicated to doing stuff that cost very little money
but will keep you entertained and NOT spending money!
I’ll keep working on cheap ideas, you can help if you want.

Okay What to do?  Here are some ideas.

There are a lot folks putting videos on YouTube about their geocaching that
you can watch and get a feel for it.   YouTube link 
Jenny’s from geocachespoilers on YouTube has written a lot about geocaching.
Jenny’s article on is a great informational piece to read.
Please give it a read and enjoy the fun.  Geocaching by Jenny

Photography! Nearly everyone has a camera they can use.
you can join meetup groups of amateur photographers and get involved with
nature walks! It’s easy to do and if you want to get into it you can make it
as complicated as you want. Photography website for amateurs.

Kayaking and Canoeing
Okay this does cost a little money to start out but cheap if you consider
you won’t have to spend much more money once you have the vessel.

Playing games with friends
This is a great opportunity to hangout with friends and have fun.
You can play anything; Cards, Board Games, darts, corn hole and
anything else you can think of.

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