French Style Meat Stuffing and Spread, Cheap Easy Delicious

This recipe was passed down from my grandmother who came here from Canada.
For Thanks Giving she would cook this stuffing instead of bread stuffing.
It is very easy to make;

1 lb of beef
1 lb of pork
Seasoning salt to taste
Pepper to taste
1 onion or scallions to taste
Allspice seasoning to taste, I like a lot of this spice.

Boil meet in a pot of water with all the seasonings in the pot, mixing occasionally.
After a 2 or 3 hours of simmering on the stove use a sieve to get ride of the water
and fat. Then remix the seasonings to taste and your ready. We would eat this as a
stuffing with the turkey; hot. As a meat spread on toast or English muffins it was
applied cold from the refrigerator with a little mustard on it. 
Try this simple easy recipe and I know you’ll love it.

French Meat Spread

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