Escapees Xscapers the big club for all RVers June 2018

A big RVers club that you should join         June 2018
Join Escapees
Escapees Xscapers two clubs in one with two different websites!
Confusing but all is good with these clubs. They offer RVers and travelers
lots of great advise and ideas that can save money!

What is it
This club has lots of resources for members all available on the websites.
There are places you can visit with your RV. They offer short or long-term
parking and you won’t go broke using them. This is worth all the time
you’ll need to learn and get involved. You be living cheaper and smarter in the end!

RV Parking
There are 18 Escapees parks in America.
They are broken down to two systems; Rainbow Parks and SKP Co-ops
Rainbow Parks Website
These parks are located from Arizona to Florida and offer short and long-term parking.
There are 3 parks that are called home-base parks. You can use these
parks for your home base. Allowing you to register with the state for residential purposes.
You don’t have actually own anything you can lease. However if you want to be an owner
there maybe lots available. Rainbow Parks Benefits link
Rainbow’s End, Livingston, TX
Sumter Oaks, Bushnell, FL  
Rainbow Plantation, Summerdale, AL

SKP Co-ops
This is a little confusing but the club owns these parks. You can get short or long-term
leases for the parks. There are 11 of these parks across the country.
SKP Co-op website link

Why join
Besides the club owned parks there are many other parks offering members discount.
As a member you can get discount of 15-50% off the nightly rate in many campgrounds. 
The list of parks offering a discount to members;  Discount Park List Club
This is part of but more oriented to activities and things to do.
It’s a lifestyle club with lots of life!  They have many meetups through the year
all over the country. There are member blogs of folks with lots of knowledge
about living the lifestyle.

Learning from others
There are many like-minded folks that live in their RVs traveling America.
From these folks you can learn lots of living tips that will help you.
Just jumping into an RV lifestyle might not be a good plan.
The more you know the more you save and avoid problems.

The advantage of joining is obvious when you see what a group of people can do.
Together they lower the cost of living. You’ll be happy if you become a member.

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