Elks Lodge Puyallup and Seattle Washington 8/18

Friday 8/10/18
We left the Cascades and drove down to the Elks lodge in Puyallup, Washington.
The Elks lodge was easy to find and they had a very large RV parking area.
They said it would be no problem leaving the Durango and camper there for our trip to Alaska.
Our big worry now is gone. Last thing to figure out is a ride to the airport.
Puyallup 2  Puyallup 1

Saturday 8/12/18
I was talking to Bob and he knew a friend that was an Uber driver.
He took my card and passed it on. Sure enough Roxanne called and
said she would drive us up to the airport. She is also scheduled to pick us up
when we get back! Everything has fallen into place!

Monday 8/13/18
Today we did something crazy, we went to Seattle on the Sounder Train!
We wanted to get up to the big city and was told not to drive.
The next town over was Sumner, a pretty little town where the Sounder Train
stops. We walked over early and figured out how to purchase tickets.
The train ride to Seattle was lots of fun because we never rode a train before.
We got off at King Street Station and walked over to Pike’s Place.
This is the place where the first Starbucks store is. So we found the place and
got some coffee. There was a very long line outside waiting to get in to order.
All things considered it didn’t take too long to get coffee, the coffee was good.
Patrick told us about a bubble gum wall and sure enough we found it.

On our way back to King Street Station we noticed lots of homeless folks.
They were all over and some had tents setup on the sidewalks!
Seattle has a big homeless problem and winter is coming. What will they do?

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