Elks Lodge BPOE an association you should join

Be a member
I have been a member of many lodges; Elks, Moose and Eagles for many years.
The lodges all support good charities and do important work in the community
they are in. There is a cost to join and you’ll have to get a sponsor but that is
no obstacle. Go into a local lodge and ask for information.

Elks BPOE Lodge
Moose Lodge
Eagles Aries

Why join
Because it gives you a safe place to go and hangout with folks that will become good friends.
You’ll get a chance to get involved with things in the community where you live.
They often have food available at a reasonable price.
Many lodges especially in Florida have dinner dances every Friday night.
You’ll have to call the lodge and ask about food or dance dates.
The degree to which you get involved is up to you to decide.

There are usually 100s of people that the lodge and they know lots of people in the
area, a great resource. If you need a repairman someone at the lodge knows a guy
that can help and won’t rip you off.

Traveling the frugal way
All lodges welcome travelers to the lodge. When you get to the lodge you’ll have to
sign in the log book and the bartender will ask to see your Elks card.
If your card is current and you are in good standing you’ll be able to make purchases
in the lodge. Don’t for get to purchase a lodge magnet while there.
Plus if you are traveling with a camper, Class C or Class A most lodges
will let you stay overnight. Some lodges actually have areas with full hookups and
some will just have electricity and water, you don’t know until you ask. They
usually just ask for a donation to park the RV for the night. Some lodges have a
price for RVs but usually members get a discount.
Joining a lodge is a frugal thing to do because you’ll save money and
find great friends.

When Karen and I travel with the camper we often stay at Elks Lodges.
We found that through the week it was very easy to find a place to park the camper
at the national park campgrounds. When the weekend came and we were on the road
most campgrounds would be full. That is when we would find a lodge near
by and give them a call.  Usually we could park for small money plus we
got to enjoy the lodge and folks there.

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