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You try to save some money cutting the cord on cable TV and now the networks want money for live streaming. I live in Palm Harbor, Tampa Bay.  Here I can watch all the networks using my antenna. They stream their programing out over the air-waves and we can watch FREE. However if you go to their website to watch a live stream they want $6 to $10 a month. They are running commercials during each show and they still want you to pay them. If you watch an hour of network programing you’ll see about 20 minutes of commercials. That’s how they get paid for their service. Now they want us to pay them more while they stream commercials to us! No way am I going to pay to watch commercials.

I like to watch CBS Sunday Morning while I have breakfast. When I’m at camp in Inglis we don’t get any networks using our antenna. CBS network website wants me to sign up for Total Access. That costs about $6 a month with commercials.

So I figured out how to save me some money watching CBS. It turns out that CBS uploads all the segments of the Sunday Morning Show to YouTube! Now I watch Sunday Morning Show with NO COMMERCIALS on Monday!!!!  I can’t watch it real time on Sunday.

So what is CBS gaining? If they streamed the show from their website I would be watching all their commercials. Now on Monday I watch it commercial free for each segment and I love it.

CBS All Access information $5.99 per month with some commercials $9.99 commercial free.
NBC Also doesn’t stream without a major service company like Spectrum, AT&T etc..
ABC Doesn’t stream without a major service company.
Fox  They also want you to sign in through a provider.

Rick Mercier
Jan 2020-8

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