Diphenhydramine HCL it’s a sleep aid and Antihistamine!

Diphenhydramine HCL it’s a sleep aid and Antihistamine!
As I get older I was having trouble sleeping at night. While at Walmart I saw
“Nighttime Sleep Aid” pills in the pharmacy area. The container had 100 capsules
with 25 mg of Diphenhydramine HCL in each pill. So I bought a bottle and tried them to see
if they would help me stay asleep at night. I to my delight they worked great for me.
Now I take one pill each night and sleep about 8 hours every night!

So I went back to get another bottle and just happened to see a display of
antihistamine pills for sale, only about $4.00. I don’t know why I started reading the
contains of the pill and guess what? Each of the 100 pills contained
25 mg of Diphenhydramine! That was the same at the “Nighttime Sleep Aid” pills.
The only difference was the color of the pills and the price.
Equate; Nighttime Sleep Aid was about $6 and the Allergy Relief was about $4..
Each container had the same number of pills and the same chemicals in each pill.
The color of the pills were blue for the Nighttime Aid and pink for the Allergy Relief pills.

So you can save money if you start looking for cheaper alternatives.
I saved about $2 because the Allergy pills were cheaper than the Nighttime Sleep Aid pills!
Read the labels and save your money.


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