Cut the cord and get rid of Cable TV NOW you will save money

Cutting the cord and liberating yourself from a cable company will save money.
You won’t have to go without anything if you look around. Plus you will get it all cheaper.

Contract Cable
I had Verizon cable with FIOS and it was very expensive, over $160 a month!
You pay for the service then they put on a box rental and taxes, ridiculous.
I learned my son had the same program I had and he was only paying $100 per month.
I called Verizon and they said to bad for you. You can’t get the lower price because you are
already a customer. I told them no I’m no longer your customer and I canceled my account.

Went over to Bright House and I bought into a month to month account. The monthly bill
dropped to about $130 a month. Still high but better than $170. A few months went by
and Verizon sent me an offer for just FIOS internet for $29 a month. At the same time
I saw an advertisement for Sling TV for $20 or $25 and you didn’t have to rent a box!
So I took both deals and the cable TV and internet bill went down to $54 a month!
I put an antenna outside to get the local channel and now I had everything I had earlier
with a savings of over $100 a month! We use Roku to get Sling TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime
and much more. Roku is the best way to go in my opinion.

Satellite TV
Long ago we did try DirecTV and that was a big mistake. You start out okay with a reasonable
bill but after a year the bill more than doubles. It took almost 2 years to get free of this trap.
Don’t buy into this system of cheap start and expensive ending.
If they were an honest business they would have a month to month offering,
I don’t know as of this time if they have changed.


If you live in an RV Dish Satellite TV has a better deal. For fixed price you get cable TV.
You own your equipment so there are no rental fees. Best of all you can shut it off and turn
it back on anytime!

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