Credit Cards, Scores and Being Debt FREE!

Lots of folks these day are getting notices from their credit card companies.
The notices are to tell card holders there credit limit is lower now.
Some people will see that as a problem but if you think about it everyone will be better off financially. 

Credit steals your ability to get ahead but still you need a descent credit score if you want to purchase a house or car.
If you have credit cards and pay them off you’ll see your credit score go down!
Plus if a bank or company looks at your credit score it goes down again!

The happies point in my lifetime was when I paid all my debt off.
Nothing feels better than no payments due on your; car, house and credit cards!

If you can move away from the cities where prices of everything are higher you’ll get more bang for your dollar.
I personally don’t see any good reason to live on the east or west coast with the high prices for everything.

Just my opinion.
Rick the Frugal Guy.


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