CBS Sunday Morning Segment on Dollar Stores

The segment was Deal or no Deal talking about Dollar General and Family Dollar. These retailers are destroying small town businesses because they can’t match the cheaper prices. A small town business doesn’t have the purchasing power to compete with big retailers. They should join together and make joint purchases so they can compete with larger retailers.
That kind of organization might be just too big to achieve.

The show went on to talk about what happens when small town food stores close. They said that there is no more fresh food available. Dollar General and Family Dollar mostly sell frozen food that isn’t as healthy for people.
What the show failed to talk about is the local government and crazy laws!

If a farmer shows up in town selling fresh produce they will be fined or arrested. The first thing the farmer must do is file paper work for licensing.
Then they will be subject to inspection of their produce. These folks are farmers not business people. They already work too hard to grow the food we want. They don’t want to deal with government imposed problems so they stay away.

Local governments tend to stop any competition which protecting the bigger retailers. They stop folks from selling fresh food to protect the people in town. There is always a great justification to stop competition. Let people grow and sell their product and everyone will be happy.

Some towns do allow farmers to sell produce on weekends in designated areas. That’s great but many more towns need to make it easier for people to start small business.

Rick Mercier  Jan 2020-1/11

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