Cascade Mountains in Washington 8/2018

Tuesday 8/8/18
We started out towards the Cascades in Washington.
We got as far as Kettle Falls at Lake Roosevelt.
This was a nice campground in the National Forest.
We set up the shower tent and took showers.
Showers are great when your camping. 
It was very smokey here. There were lots of fires to the west.

We got to the Cascades Mountains and found a site in Colonial Campground.
As we drove over the mountain pass and headed down into the valley we saw Diablo Lake.
The lake was a vivid green color and beautiful. The color is from the rock dust in the water.
We purchased two nights and that turned out to be good. We got to hang around
the area and get down to Newhelman. The weatherman said it was going to rain on the
weekend and we didn’t want to be in the forest while it was raining.

We drove down to Newhelman and took a tour around the village.
After going on the tour we had a big lunch for less than $10! There is lots of
history here and it’s all owned by Seattle Electric.
The place was like a museum and we walked all around and out into the forest.
on the other side of the bridge was an old tree forest. We saw some of the biggest Cedar
trees we have ever seen. Giants of the forest. We can’t wait to see more.
We called Puyallup Elks Lodge and told them we would be there on
Friday and they said “no problem”.


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