Cancel Your Expensive Cable Service

If you put an antenna on your roof you’ll get all the network channels FREE! Also cut your cable company and pick up an inexpensive streaming service and save more.

I use an antenna in Palm Harbor and also have SlingTV for the other network programs. I’m paying SlingTV about $35 a month. Spectrum charges us $15 a month for internet. That means we pay only $50 for our TV, Streaming and internet. Most folks pay over $100 for what we get for $50. Do your homework and save some money.

Here are two YouTube folks that know a lot about antennas and internet. Watch their videos and save some money.

Antenna Man, lots of good information about antennas and over the air TV.
Cord Cutters New, This is a great resource for cable and mobile news.

Rick Mercier  Jan 9-2020

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