California is burnt and dry, no rain! 9/2018

Sept 17th 2018
California is burning up.
The land is way too dry and no rain in the forecast.

We left route 101 near Trinidad California using route 299. We were headed to Red Bluff’s
Elks lodge for the night. Then onward to Gardnerville Nevada before Yosemite.
I wasn’t long before we saw the fire area. It was an OMG moment seeing so much destruction.
Most all the trees were burnt. What was left was dry and dead. All dried out and ready for
another fire. You can still see smoke from the highway in some places.

California government is trying to clean up the area and process all the burnt trees but there
is simple too much. 

While we were crossing on route 299 we listen to NPR radio and they were talking about 
drier hotter futures. California might even become a desert! It used to grew more food than
most other states. That will soon ended because there is so little water available.

The other odd thing to see while riding in California is all the logging trucks.
So many trucks I wonder where their getting the trees because all we see is burnt ones.

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