Buy Turkeys and Hams now and save! 11-2018

Buy Turkeys and Hams now and save! 11/2018

Now is the time to buy all the turkeys and hams you can.
You will save a lot of money for each one you buy now.
If you don’t own a freezer it might be something to consider buying.
I bought a 5 cubic foot freezer from Home Depot and filled it up
with turkeys and hams during the holidays.
Right now turkey is sell for less than a $1.00 a pound.
I got some at .68 cents/lb. from Walmart.
Plus we got 2 free turkeys from Winn-Dixie  for getting flu shorts there!

 We like to purchase deli turkey which sells around $7.00 a pound.
Buying turkey and ham deals now and freezing them will save money
Instead of paying for deli meat! Instead of going to the deli for sliced
turkey I just cook one up that cost less than a dollar a pound.
Now that’s a Frugal Way!

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