Expensive phones you don’t need

Cheap phones work great

Buying an expensive smartphone is a crazy waste of money for most people. You go to the phone company and all they want to do is up-sell you to a new expensive phone.  A cheap phone does everything you need.
You don’t need a more expensive phone because the camera is better. The camera in a cheap smartphone is already better than any camera you ever had!

Expensive and cheap phones search the internet fast.
They all text anyone anywhere the same way and with the same speed!
The phone works the same whether you spend $100 or $1000!

Pictures will look very good on most phones and the video recording is going to be in HD. That’s better than all the old Camcorders sold years ago.

So save your money and purchase a cheap phone within your budget.
My plan is to never spend more than $150 for a smartphone.
It wouldn’t be prudent to spend more.

I’ve been given free LG and Moto phones when I updated my service with MetroPCS. These free phones are better than the phones I paid big money for just a few years ago. The technology is improving and getting cheaper all the time.

My wife Karen did get a free Apple iPhone 7 when we updated her service.
It is a very good phone and it didn’t cost us $200.  The new Apple iPhone and Samsung phones are extremely expensive.
  Apple iPhone 11  Samsung 9 Phone
I’m not sure why they are so much more money. I can’t see the difference in the pictures they take but there are a lot more mega-pixels. Also the videos look the same as the cheap phones. YouTube doesn’t put large high-definition videos on their website. They compress the video down because you don’t need super HD. Your eyes are the weakest link in video technology. I don’t believe you get all that much more when you spend $800.

Another consideration when purchasing an expensive phone is broken glass. Nearly everyone drops their phone and suffers the horror of the glass breaking.  The pain is less intense with you break a free or cheap phone as compared to the hurt of an expensive phone!
Samsung Broken Glass

Do your homework and make a decision that works for you.
Make sure you think about the differences between the phones.
Is that difference worth all the extra money.

Rick Mercier Jan 22/2020

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