Basket Making While Quarantined; Covid-19

We have quarantined ourselves in Inglis Florida because of the Covid-19 virus.
So far everything is working out because nobody in the campground has the virus.

Everyone needed something to do and nobody has any money and we can’t go shopping.
All we have in Inglis is long pine needles. That’s when it hit us “Baskets” made from pine needles!

Basket weaving was our choice of something to do. Basket making with pine needles is actually quite challenging. Once you get into the build you start realizing there are options! Things like the color of the pines needles the size of the basket and more. Who knew you could die them different colors using Ritz Dies. Then you can make a nice sheen and make the needles more pliable using glycerin. Then there are all the various stiches you can use.

Then the bottoms became something to challenge. You can make different sizes and shapes.
Then we figured out we could wood burn and paint them.

Well this project got pretty big with the search for long needles, processing them and then deciding what kind of basket to make.

At the end of the day basket making is quiet fun and cost very little money. If you’re looking for something to do try making baskets. 
If you need material to start your own baskets I suggest you start with 
We sell the 4″ plywood bottoms there; Click Here for link to Esty.

Rick Mercier 9/2020

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