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My friends called me cheap for many years but I insisted that I was frugal.
Eventually I bought the website domain name for FrugalWay.com and more. Check out our store at FrugalWayStore.com

We started to sell items online and on eBay and now I want to
share some of my ideas. I found that saving money was better
than trying to make a lot of money. Another very big insight,
or even better epiphany; less is best! Once I realized that it became much
easier for me to get rid of things. Every time I did it got easier and better.
Your not free to do things like traveling when your burdened with stuff.
It took me until my 60s to fully realize this simple idea.

Please feel free to comment on any articles you read.
If you have an idea or you are frugal and want to tell the world
how to save money you can write about it here also.

I am not a writer, so you’ll be able to find many mistakes and misspellings.
All are for your personal pleasure.

Where are we now?

We are living in Palm Harbor, Florida and have been here for about
29 years. We also lived in Pelham, New Hampshire and Lowell, Massachusetts.  Now we are retired and want to travel as much a possible.

Privacy Policy

For this site it is simple.
I won’t share any information you give to Frugal Way.
No information will be shared with any other person or company. 


All pictures and text are Copyright. You are free to share any information on the site. If you plan to make money using FrugalWay content then contact us.

You can contact us at;
Rick 727-798-3387  (text only) I will not answer the phone if I don’t know you. email; team (symbol) FrugalWay

Thanks for coming to the website please comeback again.
Rick & Karen Mercier


  1. Hello Rick and Karen! We are Victor and Nancy. We have not met but I’m looking forward to meeting you in the near future. I’m Retired USAF military and Nancy is a RN. We currently reside in Round Rock, Texas. However, we have relatives in Tampa, Florida. In June 2015 I had open heart surgery. Surgery took seven hours and after seven bypasses I must say I feel great! God is good!

    I was super impressed with your camper builds. I have dreams and thoughts about doing a similar camper build with a potty lol. I’m researching the subject and working on finding the courage to just do it! I have read up about trailer sizes, axel and tire ratings but I’m not sure where to start. Anyhow, I’m hoping that I can reach out to you for questions and answers. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Victor and Nancy

    • Hello Victor, I’m sorry about the slow response to your email. It’s been very busy here in Florida over the holidays.
      I hope you get a chance to build a little trailer and get to travel with it. I’m currently planning to make a third trailer thing year.
      The first two trailers were great for traveling but I made mistakes and the trailers got ruined. Water got inside the walls and couldn’t
      get out. Eventually it rotted the wood and mold started growing. I am going to make another video soon and tell about all the problems that I had with my trailer builds. Maybe others can use the information to make a better trailer. The biggest thing is to keep it light and make sure the water can evaporate from the walls.

      We are planning to visit family in San Antonio the first two weeks of March. I’m looking forward to getting out there and enjoying the area.
      One place we enjoy going to New Braunfel area.

      Thanks Rick & Karen

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