A Story About Synchronous Fireflies

Synchronous Fireflies

This is a quick story about Synchronous fireflies in the Smoky Mountains.
All this happened a few years ago but the fireflies are still there today.

Some time in April the forest officials start a lottery for the fireflies.  If you get lucky you get to ride on their bus up into the mountains near Elkmont and see the synchronous fireflies.

The time the fireflies start is usually around the first week of June, give or take a week.  It is something to see when they all glow. It starts out dark, then one firefly glows and then shortly after that all the fireflies in the area glow!
Then it’s dark again and you wait.

There is another firefly in the mountains and it’s called the Blue Ghost. A friend of ours walked up a trail in Greenbrier area. There he saw them up on the mountain.
Greenbrier area map
Our friend walked miles up the trail past a graveyard. Then stopped at the place where there where buildings falling down. That’s where he saw the Blue Ghost Fireflies. The Blue Ghost fireflies are very rare.

Listen to the audio for the full story.
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