Mount Rainer in Washington

Welcome to Rick & Karen’s 2019 Blog

Oh boy! it’s 2019 and we have been overwhelmed with homework!
Jan and Feb we’ll be spending our time between Village Pines in
Inglis and home in Palm Harbor Florida. We have been away from home for a longtime and now we need to catch up on everything.

If there isn’t enough to do already we found the the Zoom trailer also has a
cracked bathroom dome. Yup it rained real bad and we had water inside the camper, more work! I was able to purchase a new dome from Amazon
and installed it quick and easy. Finally no more leaks for now.
I haven’t had any time to work on videos but I’m going to get started on some new stuff soon. The YouTube channel is starting to pickup viewers.
Seems lots of folks are interested in making frugal little trailers. We love traveling with our little trailer even though we had to make many repairs.

We are looking forward to heading to Tennessee for a month or so later this year. Then the plan is to head up to New Hampshire and Maine for the summer. We’ll be hanging out in Windham NH and Hancock ME.

I’m planning to do more videos and more photograph through the year.