New Videos created in 2018. 
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Still a learning process but things are getting better.
First I have purchase better equipment to make videos, I’ll list them later.
I’ve started to learn Cybelink “PowerDirector” to create the videos.

There are many more videos in the pipeline, so come back soon.

Camper #2 one year later report

After a year of using this camper this is a report on what happened so far.
As mentioned in the past our trailer hitch part of the frame nearly broke off in
Cortez Co. but lucky for me I noticed it. Drove it down to Farmington NM
Elks lodge to do repairs. Everything worked out well and we were back
on the road in about 4 days.

Camping Hack #1 for 2018
Ryobi tools, I know they cost money but wait, they make life easier!
These tools all use one 18 volt battery that charges fast and last long.
Plus in the jungle you can power a Bluetooth radio boom box, fan,
Vacuum and use it to charge your phone!

Beth Blaisdell Living large and cheap!

Bed Bath and Beyond LED Light!

Frugal Way to Paper Towels!

Frugal Way Chevy Sonic 2016

San Antonio March 2018 party on!