Remember this;   Not all who wonder are lost!

We are living large and cheap and enjoying life.
Traveling America we are meeting lots of interesting folks and learning a lot of traveling tips.
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March 2018
We are heading to San Antonio Texas for a short vacation to visit family.
Our first stop will be in Scott LA at the Howard Johnson Hotel.
This is a nice hotel and it is near the highway. Best part for Karen is that
Fezzo’s is just down the street. She loves gumbo and they have gumbo!

Feb 2018
Beth told us about a drum circle at Fort Island Beach near Crystal River, FL.
The weather was perfect for a drum circle so we went. What a great time we all had.
Karen even found a drum to bang on!

It has started to warm up some and we finally got to get out and about.
We went the Manatee State Park Reserve in Homosassa Springs FL.
This is a place where animals that can’t live in the wild go and we get to see them.
The animals there are in great shape all things considered and if you get a chance to
drop in you should.

Beth Blaisdell is our Maine friend we met at Village Pines.
She winters here in Florida and goes back up to Maine to work the summers.
This is her place in paradise. She made it her’s in every way!

Jan 2018
One nice warm day we decided to take a ride up to Cedar Key FL. to look around.
Mike and Diane were camping up at the Village and came for the ride.
The folks down town had made a community garden and we got a chance to walk through.

It’s been rather cold in Florida over January and we used a lot of electricity and propane
trying to stay warm.

Well we are starting out the new year going between Village Pines in Inglis FL and home
in Palm Harbor.  The big plan now is to do a lot of remolding as fast as possible.
Also to start using my camera gear more then I’m using it now. It’s a shame to have
such nice equipment and not taking more pictures. Jim Kane my brother in-law
up in New Hampshire is a picture taking machine. He can find a good picture in dirt!

Travel plans for the year are:
Going to San Antonio TX in March through April.
Then back to Tennessee Elkmont area for a rest and to prepare for our next big trip up to
the north west. The current plan is to head up through Arkansas to Wisconsin, then across
to Washington state. Then down through Oregon and into California and back to Florida.
That will have put us in all the lower 48 states. After that it’s Soldotna Alaska and maybe Hawaii.
If all works out well we’ll be back in New Hampshire in September or October to see family.

I love this picture of our little green camper at the Elks Lodge in Rapid City SD.