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Information about our first mini camper #1; Click Here

Mini Camper #2

We used our new mini camper for the first time going to the Green Swamp, Hampton Track in Florida.
Diane Lueck and Mike McCarthy told us about this camping area and said it was free!
So we made our reservations and went. What a beautiful campground. The place is beautiful but there are no amenities. You have to bring everything you’ll need in with you and take out all the garbage. There is a vaulted toilet, not bad not good but will do.
Then things took a turn for the worst! We met Jeff and he had a refrigerator running in his converted cargo trailer. Refrigerator! That’s what we want in our new camper also. He was running the unit on solar cells on the roof. That was all I had to see, game on. When we got back to Palm Harbor I started researching solar power. Looks simple but believe me it’s not. I have learned a lot and will share everything with you shortly. The biggest lesson is ohms law applies at 120 Volts AC and 12 Volts DC!

More Pictures can be seen in our Google Album Mini Camper 1 and Google Album Mini Camper 2.

Our second trip with the new camper was to Koreshan State Park in Estero Florida, near Bonita Springs.

You can check out some more pictures on Google Click Here.