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We are finally back in Palm Harbor Florida!
Now we work at fixing up everything on the homestead with plans to take
shot vacations. I rented a lot in Village Pines RV in Inglis FL for the winter.

This is a link to our 2018 pictures on Google; 2018 Pictures
We have been going up to Village Pines for the weekends and hanging out with friends.

This is the camper with our Christmas lights.

It has been a pretty cold winter in Florida but now in Feb. it’s starting to warm up.
We went to a drum circle at Fort Island Beach near Crystal River FL.
What a wonderful time we all had and Karen found a drum to beat on!

Beth’s little paradise in Village Pines

For those who know me well I’m not a big dog lover. I don’t hate dogs but I don’t want
one either. Karen wants a dog in the worst way. Beth’s dog Regalo is a great dog.
I don’t know what got into him be this happened!

Next Big Trip!
We are starting to plan our next trip in July and August of 2018.
Our friend Larry from Fort Worth TX named it “The Rim Run”, I like that.
The plan is to head north to Wisconsin then across to Washington State.
Then south to northern California and back east. That should be another great trip.
If you are interested in coming along email me.

Information about our first mini camper #1; Click Here
More Pictures can be seen in our Google Album Mini Camper 1
and Google Album Mini Camper 2 West Trip.

Mini Camper #2  West bound trip.
We finally got started on our western US trip in late March 2017.
We stopped in San Antonio TX for 3 weeks and worked on my sons fence.
I decided to limit our trip to; New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma. By limiting out travel we could get this trip done in about three months.
The pictures from our west trip can be seen using the link above; “Mini Camper 2 West Trip”.

This is a picture from the Elks Lodge in Rapid City SD.
Everyone came by wondering if we lived in the little trailer!
Our blog page above is a week to week blog of our trip west.
More Pictures can be seen in our Google Album Mini Camper 1
and Google Album Mini Camper 2 West Trip.

First trip with the new camper 2 was to Green Swamp FL, Hampton Track and it was FREE!

Our second trip with the new camper was to Koreshan State Park in Estero Florida, near Bonita Springs.

You can check out some more pictures of Koreshan FL State Park on Google Click Here.

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